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Cigar Roller Chicago, IL
SoHo Cigars from CF Dominicana
Custom cigar bands personalized for your event


Three cigar rollers are in Illinois and available to bring a Cigar Roller to an event near you anywhere in Illinois. This cigar feature is now provided for all areas of Illinois and starting now in 2021, we have introduced Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana. All with imported cigars from the Dominican Republic and personalized with your own custom cigar bands.


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Chicago cigar roller at Wedding
Chicago WEdding cigar roller
Chicago roller Juan

NEW! Custom cigar bands included for all Chicago Wedding, Golf and corporate events.



CF Dominicana provides cigar rollers that are suitable for upscale events and will contribute to the success of your special day. CF Dominicana takes great care in personally selecting our company's own Cigar Rollers not only for Chicago but 26 other cities where we have resident cigar roller feature entertainment.

Also, because CF Dominicana is a premium cigar brand, you receive no inferior tobacco or hidden scrap tobacco leaves which is all too common - our tobacco is maintained at premium standards and CF Dominicana provides superior cigars as they are imported from the Dominican Republic and presented at your event. The cigars rolled at your event are started in the D.R. and imported into the U.S. unfinished so we can complete the cigars in front of your guests for an experience they will never forget.

To get a quote for a cigar roller at your next event, click below; CLICK TO GET A QUOTE FOR YOUR EVENT

Events are not limited to Chicago, these areas are also serviced with Cigar Entertainment;

Michigan Avenue, Addison, Cicero, Navy Pier, Oakbrook, Rosemont, Elk Grove, Lombard, Carol Stream, Naperville, Aurora, Schaumburg, Bolingbrook, Oak Lawn, Evanston, Des Plaines.Lake Forest, Arlington, Heights, Bolingbrook, Cicero, Carol Stream also introducing Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan

Roller and Servers are available for ChicagoChicago Cigar Servers


Roller at Schaumberg corporate event

Roller at trade show

Cigar importe from the Dominican Republic